Arthur is a supporting character in Meet the Feebles. He is a British worm who is the kindly, old stage manager for The Feebles acting troupe.

He is voiced by Peter Vere-Jones.


Arthur is a Cockney-accented small tan worm with a big head, big green eyes, and a wrinkled face.

He is mostly shown wearing a grey striped sweater and a black buret. He can also be shown with a cigarette in his mouth sometimes. During the night of the show, Arthur was shown wearing a black tuxedo and top hat.


Just like Robert and Lucille, Arthur is one of the few kinder characters in the movie, with no vices other than his love of cigars. He is also nice to most of the members of the cast and crew (except for F. W. Fly and Trevor).

He is Sebastian's Nickname for Guv?

Role in the MovieEdit

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