Cedric at the golf course.

Cedric is a minor charcter in Meet the Feebles. He is a French-British warthog drug runner who has connections to both the mob and Bletch.

Bletch and Barry set up a meeting with Cedric and his agent, Louie, at the golf course to know when to expect the delivery (and to have a little round of golfing). After a quick inspection of "the stuff," Cedric told Bletch to meet Louie in alleyway at 6:00, and then continued their quick game of golf. During Bletch's second turn, Cedric tried to distract him by either coughing and sneezing, causing him to miss the hole. So, when Cedric's turn comes, Bletch distracts him by throwing up Guppy, a fish who wanted to audition for him earlier, causing him to miss in return.

Later on, when Louie delivered the stuff at the theater, Bletch found out that Cedric was really selling borax to him (after testing it on Dennis), and interrogated Louie where the real merchandise was. After Louie told him that they were being shipped on the docks, Bletch had Barry and Trevor force feed him the borax, causing him to liquidate to death. Bletch then open his secret stash of machine guns, and said that it was time to pay Mr. Big, Cedric's boss, a visit.

The trio then gets into the limo, and drive out into the docks, where Cedric and a group of henchmen crabs were loading the real supply onto a ship. After, seeing the limo run one of the crabs he was having a chat with over, Cedric chases after Bletch and his men, to stop them from stealing the load. When he finally caught up to them, he got stabbed in the chest by Barry, and died.

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