Chuck on routine patrol.

Chuck is a minor character in Meet the Feebles. He is a frog who fought in Vietnam, and only appeared in Wynyard's flashback.

He is voiced by Brian Sergent.


Chuck is a green frog with a long neck, a short snout, and big blue eyes. He wears a typical Vietnam soldier uniform, and a pair of circular glasses.


Not much is known about Chuck, but it's possible that he was good friends with his fellow soldiers.

Role in the MovieEdit

In Wynyard's flashback of Vietnam, Chuck was first shown as one of the soldiers who was fighting alongside him, Jim, and Eight-Ball. One day, Chuck and the others were on routine patrol, north of Thai Path, when they suddenly noticed that Eight-Ball was missing. They all went back the other way to look for him when they finally saw his head sticking out through some bushes. The frogs then told Eight-Ball that they were relived to see him, until it was revealed that his head was really impaled on a stick much to their horror. They also discovered that it was a trap, as the Vietnamese gophers suddenly popped out of the bushes and captured them.

As the days went by, Chuck, Wynyard, and Jim were tortured by the gophers, until one day they were sent for re-education. The trio was then shown sitting in a field, while wearing blindfolds with their hands tied behind their backs, as the educator gopher forced them to read a blackboard that said, "Lyndon Johnson is very bad egg." Due to wearing a blindfold, Chuck claimed that he couldn't see what the blackboard said and even called the educator a bastard. This made the educator send for some gopher guards to take Chuck away.

Chuck was gone for two days, until one night, the gophers finally sent him back to the cage where they kept Wynyard and Jim. Both of the frogs went over to see their friend only to find, in horror, that he had both of his legs cut off; causing him to die. It was then shown that two gophers were cooking frog legs for dinner on a campfire.