Dorothy is a minor character in Meet the Feebles. She is a British sheep who is a member of The Feebles acting troupe.

She is voiced by Donna Akersten.

Appearance Edit

Dorothy is a fluffy white sheep with yellow ears, a yellow snout, blue eyes, a pink nose, short eyelashes, and red eyelids. She can also be shown with red lipstick sometimes.

She's mostly shown wearing a pink dress and pink shoes, but is also shown wearing a long green dress when she sings the theme song.

Personality Edit

Despite being a background cast member, Dorothy seems to be one of the few of them who has a little bit of a personality. In fact, as shown in some scenes, Dorothy is probably also one of the few characters who has no flaws.

She's good friends with some of the cast members (specifically, Heidi), and is often shown feeling worried when something has gone wrong. During Heidi's rampage, it's also revealed that she doesn't believe that violence is the right answer (when telling Heidi to put down the machine gun).

Role in the Movie Edit

Although she's a background cast member, Dorothy had many different roles in the movie.

Such roles include: being one of the cast members who sing the show's theme song; telling someone to call for a doctor after noticing the sick Harry; being a backup singer for "The Garden of Love"; poking her head through Heidi's dressing room door to ask if she was okay when the hippo found out that Bletch was cheating on her (only to get knocked out by one of the things she threw in her fit); being one of the cast members who were hoping that the show wouldn't be cancelled and cheering when finding out that it wasn't; complementing on how gradient Heidi looked when helping her with her makeup before the show started; telling Trevor that he was disgusting when asked who made "the great, big stinky poo" that's clogging up the toilet (because he and Bletch was trying lure F. W. Fly into the bathroom); and idiotically trying to convince the rampaging Heidi to put down the shotgun she was firing at everyone backstage (only to get killed by the troubled hippo as a result).,Alive,Rebirth,Johnny The Wolf

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