Dr. Quack

Dr. Quack calling Harry.

Dr. Quack is a minor character in Meet the Feebles. He is an American duck doctor who is called to the theater when told that Harry is sick.

He is voiced by Stuart Devenie.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Quack is a white duck with a thin head, brown eyes, grey eyebrows, brown thinning hair, a tall neck, and a long orange beak.

He wears a white doctors' coat, a black vest, a black tie, and a white shirt underneath.

Personality Edit

Being a doctor, Dr. Quack treats his patients seriously and makes sure they get well. He could possibly be homosexual, due to his voice sounding very similar to Paul Lynde's.

Role in the Movie Edit

After noticing the very sick-looking Harry, Dorothy yelled for somebody to call for a doctor. Dr. Quack then arrived to the theater and visited Harry in his dressing room. After taking a close examination, he told Harry that he had a disease known as, "the Big One" (which is a possibly obvious indication of AIDS). To makes things worse, he also stated that he only had 10 (or maybe 12) hours left to live; much to his horror. Harry asked the doctor to not tell anyone about this because he still wanted to do the show tonight (and so he can go out with his career intact). Dr. Quack accepted his request, much to his relief (even though they didn't see F. W. Fly on the hanging lamp with his journal, overhearing their conversation).

Dr. Quack later appeared giving Harry a quick phone call during the show. Before receiving the call, Harry was shown (looking even worse than before) praying to God in his dressing room (just after he previously threw up on stage while making an introduction). When the phone rang, he picked it up and listened to what Dr. Quack had to say. The reason the doctor called Harry was because he just received his test results and found out that he made "a boo-boo." It turns out that he just has a bad case of "the Bunny Pox," and has to take two aspirins and stay in bed for a week to get better. After telling Harry that he'll send the bill over, Dr. Quack hung up the phone leaving the sick hare to cheer for joy and rush out of his dressing room to tell everyone the good news (only to, ironically, get his head shot off by a rampaging Heidi).

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