"Is something the matter, Mr. Bletch?"

Guppy is a minor character in Meet the Feebles. He is a British fish who's always wanted to be a member of The Feebles acting troupe.

He is voiced by Mark Wright.

Appearance Edit

Guppy is a Cockney-accented small blue and pink fish with blue eyes, green eyelids, and silver scales.

Personality Edit

Guppy is a cheerful little fish who's always wanted to perform in The Fabulous Feebles Variety Hour. He also seems very kind and helpful (but also a bit gullible).

Role in the Movie Edit

When Guppy goes backstage, he got the attention of Bletch (who was just about to go to his drug deal meeting at the golf course) by saying that he's been dying to see him all day. The reason being is that he wants to audition for the show. Pretending to be interested, Bletch shined a small spotlight on Guppy and told the little fish to impress him. Before performing, Guppy stated that the song is called, "Glad to be a Guppy", and it's one of his own compositions. He then began singing as Bletch was heard groaning throughout the first few verses. Guppy then stopped singing, and asked if something was the matter. Bletch lied by saying that he thinks he has a cavity in a rear molar, and then asked Guppy if he could have a little look for him. The little fish politely accepts the big walrus' request as he looked inside his mouth, only to get eaten by him instead.

Guppy later made one last appearance at the golf course, where Bletch and Barry were having their meeting with Cedric and Louie. As Bletch was putting, Cedric kept distracting him by sneezing. So, when Cedric's turn came, Bletch distracted him by violently vomiting out Guppy near him. In the vomit, the remains of the poor fish (still half-alive) said, "Did I pass the audition, Mr. Bletch...", and fell to the ground dead.

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