Louie at the golf course.

Louie is a minor character in Meet the Feebles. He is a British dog who is Cedric's Cockney-accented agent that delivers "the stuff" to Bletch.

During a meeting with Cedric at the golf course, Bletch set up a drug deal with him and Louie. After inspecting "the stuff," Bletch asks when to inspect the delivery, and Cedric told him to meet Louie in the alleyway at 6:00.

Later that night, he came to the theater to deliver "the stuff," but Bletch and his gang soon discovered that it was borax that he and Cedric were selling (after testing it on Dennis). After interrogating Louie where the real merchandise was, Bletch then got Barry and Trevor to force-field to kill the scruffy dog the borax, causing him to literally liquidate to death.

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