Mr. Big

Mr. Big trying to stop Bletch and Trevor.

Mr. Big is a minor character in Meet the Feebles. Like many characters in the film, his species is difficult to place; but according to behind-the-scenes documentary, "Sex, Drugs, & Soft Toys", it was stated that he is a whale.

He is voiced by Stuart Devenie.


Mr. Big is a giant green-ish whale with yellow eyes, razor sharp teeth, and a flapping tale. He is so big that he can actually break through a dock. In the documentary, he was also stated to be the biggest of a of the puppets in the film.


Mr. Big is a big-shot crime boss, and competitor of Bletch.

Role in the MovieEdit

Mr. Big suggests ☀Madame Bovine and he ates ☀the Masked Masochist. spends most of the movie off-screen, only being mentioned as a competitor/ally of Bletch's drug industry. Towards the end of the film, Big tries to double-cross Bletch, by sending him packets of borax, instead of the drugs that were owed. However, Bletch is a more cautious walrus than Mr. Big anticipates, and tests the drug on one of his own men (Dennis). Upon seeing the anteater's nose dissolve, and the painful death that follows, Bletch realizes he has been double-crossed. Bletch threatens the location of his drugs out of Louie, the delivery dog. Trevor and Barry then force-feed Louie the borax, killing him. The three then set out to track down their drugs, and a gang fight ensues.

Mr. Big appears only once in the film, at the climax of said gang fight. After Bletch and Trevor defeat Big's henchmen, Big himself appears in front of their car, to finish them himself--in the culinary sense, as well as the gang-slang. However, Bletch and Trevor take advantage of Mr. Big's open mouth, and drive straight into the whale, exiting through his rectum.

It is presumed that Mr. Big died, after having a car driven through him.

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