The assistant strapped on to the spinning wheel.

Wynyard’s Assistant is a minor character in Meet the Feebles. She is an unnamed cat who assists Wynyard in his knife-throwing act. She never spoke.

Appearance Edit

The assistant is a thin, tannish cat with a black nose, white whiskers, and green eyes. She wears a short, purple and silver spotted top, a sparkly red skirt and collar, and a sparkly red feathered hat with a purple spotted brim.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about the assistant, due to not having any lines in the movie. It could be possible that she's aware of Wynyard's bad case of the shakes, and is usually nervous when she practices the act with him.

Role in the Movie Edit

When it was time for Wynyard to practice his knife-throwing act during rehearsal, the assistant was already placed onto a spinning wheel. Wynyard, however, was not ready to rehearse due to his bad case of the shakes. Usually, he takes drugs to help fix his problem, but earlier he didn't have enough money to pay Trevor for them.

Wynyard looked nervously at the spinning wheel his assistant was strapped on to, hoping that he doesn't hit her. As he began to throw the first two knives, he began to feel more confident since none of them hit her so far. Just as he picked up the third knife, though, he threw it right towards the center of the wheel, causing it to go right through the assistant's stomach. Wynyard then gasps in horror, as a stagehand pushes the wheel with the now-dead assistant off stage.

Not so later, Arthur informed Sebastian that assistant wasn't going to pull through and asked if he should cancel Wynyard's act entirely. Sebastian said that it wouldn't be necessary, while giving Robert (the newest cast member of the show who was constantly interrupting a musical number with his theater techniques) an evil look, for he has has just the substitute.